• Before using waterproof housing

  • If you use ONE together with waterproof housing, please pay attention to the following tips:
  • 1.When using the ONE in a low-temperature environment, it’s best to use anti-fog inserts along with the waterproof housing to prevent condensation from affecting your shots.
  • 2.When in an environment where water- and dust-proofing aren’t necessary, it’s best to use the ONE without a housing.
    • Before capturing

    • 1. Before using waterproof housing for shooting, please open ONE App -> tap 'Setting' -> tap 'Waterproof case stitching calibrate', and then follow the steps:

  • After capturing

  • 2. After capturing, open file(s) taken with waterproof housing, tap 'MORE' at the top right corner -> tap 'Stitch for waterproof case', and then follow the instructions shown in the App.