• 1. The audio quality of 4K beta cannot satisfy my needs.

    If you want higher audio quality, we recommend you to use an extender Microphone connected to the 4K camera.
  • 2. Uneven color is found in my footage.

    It is caused by different light conditions on both lens, please try shooting video in even and stable light conditions.
  • 3. Footage play gets a blurred, black or unstable screen on computer but it is played well on phone.

    It requires advanced graphics card(OpenGl is higher than 3.0) to handle the video playing and please check if your graphics card driver is up-to-date.
  • 4. I have problems with Plug-ins for AE/PR.

    With Plug-ins, you can input insp./insv. video files. But if there are performance problems such as lag phases in the editing process, they have nothing to do with Insta 360 Plug-in.
  • 5. What is the maximum TF card it supports?

    128G with standard class 10.
  • 6. How to share the video shoot by 4K camera?

    You can share it on our Insta360 Cloud or Facebook, Youtube etc.
  • 7. What are the PC Requirements for a live stream on 4K camera?

    CPU:beyond Intel i7 or E3-1230 v3.Graphic Card:Beyond NVIDA GTX760.Memory: beyond 8G.Network:it depends on the bitrate,for example:3000bitrate to 4Mbps upload speed.
  • 8. No IP address on 4K camera while live streaming.

    Please confirm if you connect your camera to the Lan port on the router ;Please use USB network card with chip in AX88772B.